Our History


16 years ago Mark Pascall woke up one morning, frustrated with his job running one of the biggest corporate websites in New Zealand. Projects were taking too long, going over budget and not delivering. The working day seemed to be spent in non-productive meetings, the culture was toxic and life was stressful. He studied agile methodologies where there was more focus on collaboration, open communication and breaking projects into shorter iterations. 

At the time, this was a challenge to the traditional waterfall based projects Mark was involved in. He decided to get out and start his own software company where he could work alongside clients in a more open, collaborative way using the agile techniques and approaches he’d been studying. And so 3months.com Ltd was born. Mark came up with the name, because he believed that due to the incredible rate of change that the software world is seeing, unless you can get your idea/product released within three months, you risk being out of date before you have finished.  

In the last 16 years, 3months has gone from strength to strength and built a reputation for helping businesses use new technology to take ideas and turn them into world-class solutions.

We're independent, we don't build our own products and we don't specialise in anybody else's products.  Our team of creative technologists love exploring new technologies and applying them to solve real business problems or disrupt existing business models.

We’ve worked with organisations from startups to international corporates and government departments. We like to work with clients who embrace the openness and pace of agile/ lean startup collaboration. Many of our clients enjoy getting alongside (often co-locating) our team at the BizDojo spaces in Wellington and Auckland where we’re based. We’re working hard to foster a culture where our team can be their authentic selves, where they are challenged to continuously learn and grow, and where they can take pride in the work they do. We’re not your usual team of back-room geeks.

We’re not interested in selling licenses for proprietary technology, and you can be sure you’re getting independent advice on the most pragmatic solution to solve your business problem.