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Are you struggling to understand concepts like blockchain and internet of things or wondering about the latest trends in human interfaces and machine learning? Do you want a better grasp of emerging technology so that you can make more informed decisions about your business strategy?

At 3months, we guide businesses through these trends and help them to identify industry opportunities and threats. In a rapidly changing, global business landscape, this is key to survival and growth.

Our Insight phase is designed to give you an in-depth overview of current and future technology and how it might fit your business.

Engage us in some initial consulting, or let us deliver a customised workshop, presentation, or training course for you and your team, specific to your industry. Otherwise, come along to one of the many public speaking engagements we do and be inspired by the possibilities of tomorrow’s world.


Services we offer in the Insight Phase



We’re regular presenters at conferences and events on a range of technologies. Checkout 3months founder, Mark Pascall’s overview of Blockchain technology and iBeacon / Internet of Things presentations

From iBeacons to Smart Contracts, we’ll keep you posted on where we’ll be speaking next.

If you’re interested in one of us speaking at your event, please give us a call.



If you just want to get an overview without involving your whole team yet, you can engage us on an initial consulting engagement.

Typical outputs from consulting could be a discussion document, research paper, business case or board presentation.


3months’ in-house training solutions will give your team direct exposure to new technologies like BlockChain, Internet of Things or the latest developments in human interfaces.

We’ll work with you to develop an in-house workshop, presentation or training course tailored to meet your unique business needs and audience. We’ll target the level of jargon and training material to your group’s technical knowledge. We‘re flexible with numbers, we can upskill an entire department or work closely with a small team. Or, if you’re not sure where to begin and are interested in the technology at a glance, we’d be happy to deliver one of our ‘off the shelf’ workshops.


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