New Blockchain & Smart Contract workshop (23rd Nov)


New dates for 2017 now confirmed in Wgtn and Auck.

Excited to announce a new partnership between 3months and Tech Futures Lab to run New Zealand's first publicly available Blockchain & Smart Contract workshop.

“ Over the past two decades, the Internet has revolutionized many aspects of business and society–making individuals and organizations more productive. Yet the basic mechanics of how people and organizations execute transactions with one another have not been updated for the 21st century. Blockchain could bring to those processes the openness and efficiency we have come to expect in the Internet Era. ”  — Arvind Krishna, Senior VP, IBM Research

There has been a surge of interest in Blockchain technologies, however, most of the discourse has been within corporate boardrooms. Blockchains present a paradigm shift from traditional enterprise architectures and the potential to disrupt entire business domains. As such, it is prudent to first understand the strengths & weaknesses of the technology and then build on a common approach to assessing the potential use cases.

This half-day workshop is a practical introduction to Blockchain and Smart Contract principles and technologies for business people. Delivered by experts Paul Salisbury and Mark Pascall from 3months, topics include the enablement of new business models, intersections with Open Data and Internet of Things, and the inherent strengths/weaknesses of Blockchains. Real-world examples of Smart Contracts will also help attendees gain an understanding of the potential for automation of business logic and externally aware thinking.

No technical or programming knowledge is necessary, just a passion for learning about new disruptive technologies and the business threats & opportunities that they present. Attendees will get hands on experience running a real smart contract and locking their record of attendance at the workshop on to the blockchain.

Who Should Attend

  • Business executives in every domain (e.g. ICT, Law, Accounting, Engineering etc)  wishing to understand where Blockchains fit in their strategy
  • Entrepreneurs interested in creating new disruptive business models
  • Technologists wishing to upskill
  • Plus just about anybody else who wants a glimpse into the a very different future world...

About Tech Futures Lab

With rapid advances, new knowledge and the mass integration of technology in every sector, we now all need to commit to a life-long journey of learning and skill development to avoid becoming irrelevant. Since 2010, the rate and impact of technology has increased productivity, efficiencies, and created entirely new business environments that are build on technical platforms and distributed across networks.

Tech Futures Lab has developed a delivery model that reflects best practice in education, training and professional development. The programmes all use problem-based learning, projects and knowledge built upon contemporary industry approaches.

What could this mean for you?

Even a high level understanding of Blockchains and their potential for disruption should help you steer your company towards harnessing the power of smart contracts and open up new business models. Furthermore, the majority of business leaders haven’t fully understood how blockchains work so are blind to the opportunities both within their existing industries and broadly across public/private sectors.

We are committed to giving you the insight that you need to make the right decisions for your business and your own career/entrepreneurial journey.

Places are limited, to book your place please visit the course page at Tech Futures Lab.