Our Approach



Your project is broken down into short “sprints” (typically 1-2 week). A sprint is like a mini-project. It has some planning, building and testing, ending with delivery of a functioning piece of software.

The key benefit of agile is that you have the opportunity to change your mind. At the end of each sprint we’ll sit down and work out what you’d like in the next one.


You’re fully involved in the process from the very beginning.

If you are based in Wellington or Auckland then come sit with us, in our awesome offices at BizDojo. If you’re elsewhere then we’ll be asking you to skype in for our regular (usually daily) short meetings.


We don’t lock you into any proprietary technology. We use best-of-breed, mainstream open-source technologies and you own the IP for the software that we develop for you.

This works well if you want to build up your own team or intend to transfer the support to another vendor.