Services we offer in the Inception Phase



We’ll explore the technology options with you and recommend an architecture presented in an easily digestible format that shows you how the system hangs together.

Why architect software?

  • Visualise complexity and risk
  • Understand the impact of your solution on current operations before it’s built


See a visual representation of your interface so you can get a feel for the user experience before you build anything.

Why wireframe?

  • Test and refine navigation
  • Study and rapidly iterate the user interface design
  • Evaluate overall effectiveness of the page layout against usability best practices
  • Determine software development requirements


Receive a working software prototype that you can put through its paces and use to test your ideas.

Why prototype?

  • Validate that the architecture will meet your needs before committing to further costs
  • Ensure that the development team have fully understood your vision and requirements
  • Identify any risks and ambiguity early on